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I’m Juliana, the Founder of Sóley, born and raised in Berlin, living in New York for quite a while. 

After doing my educations as an Communications Designer I have been working as a photographer for 7 years.

As long as i remember, creativity was my constant drive. When 2020 came and things changed for all of as I realized that this was the opportunity to make my Dream of Sóley come true.

the brand

Our Design Concept is creating unique pearl jewelry made of natural pearls. 


Our Pearl Items are all different in shape, size form and color, cause we believe in the beauty of uniqueness.


Sóley was founded 2020 and is a berlin based label, this is where all the magic is happen.

The items of Sóley are manufactured in Berlin & Istanbul. 


Some plated items have %10 nickel in it, raw brass ones are nickel free.


For any more  questions about the products or wholesale requets please use our contact form. 

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